Farm Fresh Honey from Our Home to Yours

Welcome to John & Wayne Honey Farms.

John & Wayne Honey Farm is a family honey operation located in Eastern Kansas. Here in the rolling plains, we manage over 50 colonies of honeybees . Our bees gather nectar from wildflowers along the rolling hills and farmland, carrying it back to their hives to produce delicious golden honey. This honey is harvested and bottled by John and Wayne providing a raw, naturally sweet product for your table. When you purchase a bottle of John & Wayne Honey you are getting 100% natural , raw honey with no additives or preservatives. Just as the bees intended it to be. So feel free to browse our site and shop or just ask us a question. We will be glad to answer your questions or ship you out the worlds finest honey.

At John & Wayne Honey Farms you can choose from a great line of farm fresh products. Not only do we have great tasting fresh from the hive honey, we also have our own line of honey sticks to choose from. We also have all natural Lip Balms, Lotions and Soaps. At John & Wayne Honey Farms your satisfaction is our number one priority.

John & Wayne Honey was featured on AG AM in Kansas

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